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Job Opening - Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

CLASSIFICATION: Non-exempt, Full-Time
REPORTS TO: Community Outreach Coordinator
DATE: 5/9/2018

Key Performance Areas:
- Coordinate a volunteer recruitment and training program.
- Oversee volunteer scheduling and ongoing training.
- Maintain ongoing church relations.

The volunteer coordinator will oversee the volunteer program of the clinic by recruiting, orienting and placing volunteers for training in the various duties of the clinic. The coordinator will also work with the various local congregations to maintain a good level of communication and also recruit new volunteers as well as work with church teams on various volunteer tasks. Specific duties will be listed below, but it is intended that this position be a full-charge position responsible for all volunteer operations of the clinic.

- Recruit, interview and place applicants for volunteer work
- Survey staff regularly to assess needs for volunteer assistance
- Work with Marketing and professional associations to publicize opportunities for volunteers (in conjunction with Development)
- Host and attend recruiting events within the community to attract qualified candidates (in conjunction with Development)
- Develop, promote and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the organization

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